Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Our Potluck Winner

Remember our online auction back in February? It was quite the success thanks to you if you participated! I am finally getting over losing my bids -
One of our winners was Mr. John Salancy! He won the Northwest Public Radio potluck. On Aug. 25th we prepared our best for him and his guest, Diane. Picture above.

What we ate: Homemade bread by Gillian Coldsnow (which was also an auction item you could have won!)She also prepared fresh tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella salad. We had Robin Rilette's Green Bean Casserole; Sue Sheppard made an amazing salmon salad; Laura Hartner made a FABULOUS caramel, toffee bundt cake; Tom Hungate brought lentil chili. I can't remember who made the Cornish Hen Fajitas or the crisp and refreshing cucumber bean medley. I brought meatloaf and turkey basil sandwiches.

By that I mean a meatloaf sandwich from the cookbook, Meals Men Like (what a kick!) and a Turkey sandwich with my very own basil and tomatoes; tomatoes I got from Ellensburg's Tomato Man.

Did I bake my own bread too? Like Gillian? Uhm...yeah. I also grew my own wheat and made my own flour! HA! Take that Martha! Gillian has offered to teach me the art of bread baking. But that would take patience, and I am already developing some patience with my garden. For some reason, it is easier for me to wait 80 days for an eggplant then to bake Semolina bread. Oh, that sounds pathetic huh?

So, have these photos made your mouth water? Then you too can be at our table! Be sure to bid on the next online auction when we offer one of our potlucks ok?

I said on the air that I would give the recipe for Sueann's surly Yum Yum recipe. It helps to use up all that Basil in the garden. NPR Commentary on Basil.
Fist full of basil (if using dry use 2 TBS.)
Fist full of sun dried tomatoes
2 cloves of fresh garlic
Optional: can of black olives, pine nuts or something else Italian-ish.
Blend/pulse together BUT NOT too much. Then add LOTS of olive oil. Dip bread in and eat. Questions about this recipe? Email me or leave comment.

Monday, August 28, 2006

PHC Movie at the Kenworthy Theatre

WOW! The Prairie Home Companion movie event at the Kenworthy in Moscow was a blast! Didn't it feel down-homey and intimate? I missed the music but heard that Charlie Sutton and Ben Walden did a fabulous job, the pie was great and the food went fast!

Everyone loves it when Robin Rilette and Dan Maher are hosting! (above photo) They are a hoot!

This event was the brainchild of my co-worker, Tom Hungate. (grey shirt on the left) He is an amazing resource of ideas - he is very good at community minded, fun events. After all, he put this one together! I know he also had a crew helping him so KUDOS to everyone on staff and at the Kenworthy for your work! Also, thank you to Cyrus O'Leary for the pies and our sponsor, Hayden and Ross, CPAs in Moscow!

Special note on Tom; he introduced me to a series on PBS called The New Heroes . I highly recommend you listen to the stories of Fabio Rosa of Brazil and Sompop Jantraka of Thailand. They are doing amazing work - simple and yet great works. It gives us hope.

The house was packed! Thanks for coming and enjoying the night with Northwest Public Radio! I hope to see you at the live performance of a Prairie Home Companion on Oct. 7th!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Gillian Coldsnow Made This!

If you haven't been to Gillian's blog you should go! Even if you only have time for the pictures because they are mouth watering! During her trip to Italy she savored many wonderful dishes! One of which is this focaccia bread! She made it for me and Laura Hartner, our Ops Assistant. It was AMAZING! The texture was perfect! The bottom crisp and lightly browned...the top, pillowy soft. The herbs were bursting with flavor and the bits of salt was just right! AMAZING Gillian! Visit her blog and read about the chef who taught her how to make focaccia! Gillian's Blog

On Friday afternoon, Northwest Public Radio is welcoming our potluck auction winner.

He and a guest are going to enjoy many delicious delights from our staff. I am not sure what I am making yet... perhaps something with ground turkey, or maybe I'll go Asian. Either way, it is going to be wonderful and I will take pictures.

Friday, the 25th we are also going to Moscow, Id for the benefit showing of the PHC movie. Expect PIE there! Arts Calendar

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Why Do You Listen?

Tell me why you listen to Northwest Public Radio? I really want to know. I am working on a project to collect your thoughts on NPR. So email me:

Personally, I appreciate the style. I don't like to be yelled at. I like to listen to differing ideas without my blood pressure rising. I like how shows can have two very different guests on and everyone seems respectful. Sometimes, you can feel the tension between guests but everyone remains respectful.
Of course, there was that time on Fresh Air...Interview with Bill O'Reilly

Why do you listen?

Friday, August 11, 2006

The Wedge and Me

Darlings! The Wedge is in! More on that at the bottom. First...In case you didn't know...Today is FRIDAY! I will be hunting the elusive Huckleberry tomorrow with my co worker, Laura. We are taking my deaf, one-eyed, hunting dog, Mochi. We are also checking out an estate sale this weekend. What are you doing this weekend? That question is always asked by this show, Weekend America, which airs 10am on our News Station. A great show to listen to when you are not hunting the elusive Huckleberry.
I was thankful today for Fresh Air - not the kind we breathe but the show with Terry Gross. This past week she did quite a few interviews with heavy hitters on world politics. While that is insightful and educational...I was happy that today she interviewed entertainers. Alan Arkin and Damon Wayans. The second half of the show with Damon was the best. I laughed out loud and felt relaxed...So much so that I decided to give you a glimpse into Northwest Public Radio!

This is what I ate today for lunch/dinner.
I work from 11am to 7pm so I don't have a normal lunch. I usually eat in front of my computer. Today's meal was citrus pork and anchovy fried rice with seeds. What kind of seeds? Something related to the sesame seed. My mother gave them to me and said they are good for me. How can you argue with a Korean Mother? Margaret Cho
This is what is in style this season; the wedge shoe and gold trim on accessories. Think 70's with a modern twist! These two trends didn't come easy for me. First, the gold reminded me of mean, platinum blonde, tan, grandmothers on yachts, with gold chains, smoker's lip lines, and rude Yorkies. I met a couple in the San Juan's once. The wedge reminded me of wedgies. But, as with all fashion, you get used to it and if the shoes are gifts and the purse is are in style!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Identity Angel

A while ago my Husband's credit card information was stolen. He caught it early! He is very good at monitoring our finances...very good. Too good in fact. A Girl can have more than 6 purses you know!

Back to the story. He noticed that we "purchased" Russian cosmetics and knew it wasn't me. I use Lancome. He uses Estee Lauder! We were lucky because our entire identities were not stolen. You may have heard stories of serious I.D. theft. Russian cosmetics is powder compared to lost jobs, thousands stolen or a lifetime of ruined credit.

On All Things Considered they introduced us to Identity Angel. It is a program that trolls the Internet looking for your name, social security number and birth date. If it finds all three, it will try to contact you. This program is trying to PREVENT identity theft and educate us on how to protect ourselves. Listen to the story.

I for one would LOVE another Angel to email me. I have been watching season 3 of Angel and season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. These series are very intelligent! There's character development, conflicts of all sorts, and great writing. I highly recommend it and so does NPR's TV Critic! David Bianculli

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Africa: Women and Education

In Africa, it's said if you educate a man you educate
an individual. When you educate a woman you educate a nation. This quote was on All Things Considered on Aug. 8th. Missed Education of African Girls I thought about this saying for a long time. African women are the caretakers of their families - so if they are educated then their children will be. Another this a sexist phrase? Or am I thinking this because my society has made me sensitive to sexism? (shaking my head to clear it...) Where was I? Yes. Educating girls. This piece is AMAZING! It stirs you. It makes you want to go out there and tutor! It makes you realize that ignorance is a killer.

Speaking of which...

Morning Edition NPR's Morning Edition on Aug. 9th will also feature a piece on rural Africa and women. This time it is about women dying during difficult pregnancy. I predict it will be about ignorance. How these women simply do not know what to do during their pregnancy, who to see, where to go. Unfortunately, because of the lack of education many will die and so will their babies.