Monday, July 31, 2006

A Little Quiz!

I realize the news has been VERY heavy lately. So how about a fun QUIZ to get your minds off things! WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? Answers in the comment section.

Friday, July 28, 2006

GoodBye Andy!

Our Weekend Edition Host, Andy Hurst, is leaving NWPR and heading to the West side! We threw him a going away potluck! The theme was "Cabana Andy." Here are a LOT of photos!

Nate Prudhon (below) will be our fill in Weekend Edition Host...I think he has a great attitude!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Wenatchee Applesox

Props go to the Wenatchee Applesox players and the Kelowna Falcons because "warming" up in that heat was more like "Broiling" to me. Even with the heat, these fellas weren't overdone for the game. They played a crazy 15 innings with a score of 5 for the AppleSox and 4 for the Falcons. I heard the game went past 10:30pm. I had left but I'll get to that in a second!
First, the singing! Our very own Mary Hawkins sang the National Anthem and the Canadian Anthem. I held the Canadian Flag. Great job Mary!

Then the pitch!
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Right down the middle - or do you say center? I think the Catcher was very happy because I have a feeling he normally has to run after the ball. Well, not today my man!

Then the game begins. I, along with Sarah McDaniel, Roger Johnson and Rita Brown man the Northwest Public Radio booth. We got comp snow cones (pays to be in a glamorous job!) and met a lot of fans of public radio! Then... The heat got to me. I was out like, some not so good player in baseball. MIGRAINE! So I had to head back to the hotel. But the rest of the team hung in there and it was a very successful event!

We ate at the Tequila Mexican restaurant - great fresh salsa and a very adorable, blonde, teen waiter. He must have been the owner's kid. For breakfast we ate at The Wild Huckleberry! A lovely spot! We visited Mary at Wood N Things. Talked about cats. Speaking of which, have you seen this?

Finally, we visited the Prospector! Liquidation Baby! You know how I love a good deal! I had been looking for a flower pot, blue glaze, rather large...and what does that Prospector have? LOADS of pots at crazy, cheap prices! $19 for a big one. I have seen the same pots for $60! So I bought two. Then the Cashier tells me I missed the buy one get one free sale last week. AHHHHH!

A Story That Got to Me

I realize it has been some time, but this story on All Things Considered still haunts me.
12 years ago, All Things Considered did a report on two foster kids who were living in a group home. They decided to find these boys, now young men, to see how they were. I was left feeling aggravated and helpless. There was no one person, no one entity to blame for the outcome of their lives. Perhaps there could be a solution to the issues brought up in this piece – perhaps it is just life and that’s all.

I am not one to feel helpless for long so I decided to read about becoming a Foster Parent and information about adoption .

Thursday, July 20, 2006

City of West Richland Concert at the Pavilion

I was a little nervous about hosting a Concert in the Park in West Richland. Concerts In the Park, West Richland It would be the first time I hosted a symphony! But once I met the staff organizing the show, talked to some listeners and felt the ease of the night, I relaxed and had a lot of fun!

The performance itself was very charming! It was a rare opportunity to hear the Mid Columbia Symphony
and the Richland Light Opera Companyperform together.

The program included odes to American music with a great selection of patriotic pieces. It was very moving to hear each armed forces theme song while Veterans in the audience stood up.
I met many people that day who were happy to see us. The brother and sister donation duo, Paul and Hannah. They love anime, my kind of people!

I met several members of the symphony. One of whom is moving to the West side and promised to listen to us online. NWPR

And there was one couple that had me gushing because their sense of style was so Early American Ralph Lauren! They didn't look their ages – exercise, diet and taking it easy is their secret! And they swore by public radio to keep the wrinkles away!
Concerts in the Park are everywhere. I coordinate our online Arts Calendar and have become aware of many around the region. I highly recommend you attend your local concerts. There is a wonderful sense of community and the feeling that all is right in the world.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Test of the Sueann Alert System

This is a test of the Sueann Alert System. This is only a test. In the event of an actual Sueann event, this system will bring you important information. This test is now concluded.

This is Mochi, the one-eyed, deaf, super Shih Tzu! He listens to NWPR all day long!