Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Korea on My Mind

Did you listen to this story on All Things Considered today? North Korean Defectors Fight Regime with Radio:

My Mother is Korean. It has been a blessing to live a life with one foot in Korean culture and one foot firmly planted in the U.S. It has also been a struggle to understand and meld these two distinctly differing cultures into my being. Not long ago I learned about Korean Han. Here is what Wikipedia says: What's Han?
Han is a concept in Korean culture, attributed by some as a national cultural trait. Han denotes a collective feeling of oppression and isolation in the face of overwhelming odds. It connotes aspects of lament and unavenged injustice. I would like to add that Han is deep, ancestral regret and despair.

Han, at times, has made my life miserable... of coarse - that's its job in some respects. I have been given some Han from my Mother. I don't believe she did it on purpose. But it is in me. I recently felt a deep connection with Han after Kim Jong Il did his nuclear test. I was overwhelmed with sadness, deep regret (for nothing I did) and despair. Even as I write this I am beginning to feel overwhelmed with sadness. Will my Mother's country be reunified? What suffering must be endured (for there will be suffering), Who will be the winner (probably China) and will I see the famous mountains in Northern Korea? Or will they be barren and grey?

But, I am not one to allow Han, or sadness from any origin to consume me for long. Thank God I have my American, Pittsburgh bred father to throw me some hope and cheer! This is where good old American Idealism comes in! Wash your face! Get up and out! Go DO something to make the world and yourself better! (Maybe make some bucks on the side and get rich...but remember the goal!) You Can Do It!

So I am reading and learning the deep and rich history of my Mother's country. I also am getting well versed in the political stories of North Korea. Next time you hear a story about Korea, know that I am listening and coming to understand and control this...Han...within me. These stories of reunion really get to me. Some Mothers and Fathers are still alive, waiting to see their children...its been 50 years since they last touched. Family Reunions:
Another Reunion story, one that makes me cry.
Starving in Korea

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

WSU Student Protest War Rape

On the WSU Pullman campus today there were several students standing silently with black hoods over their heads. Their message was very powerful. The silence was deafening. They were holding signs that told stories of rape during war.

Their pamphlet says "Whenever there is an unbalance of power, the potential for rape is increased. Rape during war appears to have gone through three main stages: 1. Rape as a reward for victors during ancient times. 2. Random cases of rape during modern times. 3. Systematic, organized rape as a tactic of war ... today."

You have heard of #3 on NPR before. Recently on All Things Considered we heard this first hand account of child rape in Uganda. Then we hear about the subsequent forced enlistment of these children into the Lord's Resistance Army.

It is hard to not feel overwhelmed with the madness of the world. As I read the signs an anger stirred in me. Two things went through my mind; Why are the women and children the first to be victimized? And I feel guilty for living a blessed life. I can have great discussions with you about the first question. The second, I have already worked out. As free, independent, blessed American woman, I cannot feel guilty about my blessings. It would be a sin to me. I must transform that thought into positive action. Let's not be overwhelmed with the madness of the world. Instead, let us do our part to help with what we have. We have so much, and to whom much is given, much will be expected.
Stop Darfur Genocide
Prevent Forced Child Prostitution
Find Your Local Food Bank
Whitman County Community Action Center
Yakima: Northwest Community Action Center

You Did It!

Thank you so much for pledging early! Today is Tuesday... we would normally be on the air for the fund drive. But today, we had a meeting, relaxed a bit and got back to our normal work. Most of us anyway. The Membership department is hard at work entering all those pledges. Kudos to Sue and Sarah for doing the paperwork!

Now, back to the news and music you want from us.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Power Breakfast was Filling!

WOW! You are amazing! I mean...we have NEVER had that much money come in during a DAY of fundraising, let alone one hour! Thank you if you pledged during our Power breakfast on Thursday, Oct. 11th. We were a little nervous but very excited about this idea of a Power Breakfast. We didn't imagine that so many listeners would respond and pledge so early!
The totals are still coming in but is sure seems like you pledged more than $100,000 in ONE AMAZING HOUR!

Wouldn't it be nice if we had maybe... 2 Power Meals (Because I want a Power Dinner...or Power Snack next pledge drive!) then we would be done with fundraising in a blink of the eye!

THANK YOU THANK YOU for pledging and paying for public radio! PS Do you have our phone number memorized yet?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Prairie Home Companion Pictures!

The above picture is of Garrison walking down the isle. He warmed up the crowd by singing Home On The Range and mingled with people looking for their seats. It really made me feel homey and close to Garrison.

Here's the crew doing Guy Noir. That skit was hilarious with its reference to Foley... oh man...so funny! Many ladies at work think Fred Newman is a hottie with that head of white hair!

Here is Robin Rilette with Garrison. I love this picture because Robin is laughing and looks like she is enjoying this moment.

This is Patricia Heasler, our Southeast Washington Account Manager.

Here I am with my friend, Isaac, waiting to get a photo with Garrison.

LOVE his facial expression! I just want to touch his face and knead it into a soft dough ball and bake it. Garrison is so cute!

Monday, October 09, 2006

PHC Was Here!

Here is the first picutre of many to come.

I had to post something right away! I promise to have more tomorrow or Wed. for you! What a super show! If you want to listen to it you can go on their site - sad to say there are no copies for purchase.

Prairie Home Companion
Here are some comments about the show!

I was going to send you a note and this made it easy. The Richland seniors ask that I pass on their undying gratitude for the second show, and also wanted me to let you know that they were very pleased with the seats they were assigned. The show was absolutely wonderful and we could not have been more pleased, unless, of course they had actually been able to shake the hand of Mr. Keillor! It turns out one of our folks used to work with Garrison’s sister while he was still pretty much a local star.

The concert was wonderful. The audience in the nose bleed section were treated to a good performance because of the big screens. Palouse City was well represented in my area with at least 6 members of the community including our City Mayor. THanks for bringing a great program to us.

Loved loved LOVED it!

I made the PHC show and wanted to see the later show but could not due to scheduling. “Unreal” is all I can say. I have loved the show for years, but now I have an even deeper respect to the craftsmanship involved. Garrison is a true master of his domain, and what a great band and supporting cast. Please get them out here again, it was worth every cent. Wylie and Charlie were great additions for the local color. A seamless production. Hopefully we did our part out here to help them do their job. Thanks for supporting the show,

It was absolutely one of the most awesome events (except for maybe the beach boys) that you have ever brought to Beasley. Would love to have him come again!!!

It was fantastic! I didn't want to say so before the show but I would've paid even more for the tickets than we did. Thank you so much for making this happen!

I talked to my parents last night and they had an absolute fabulous time at the show Sat. afternoon. Their seats turned out better than we thought and they were so excited and extremely happy to have had the opportunity to get to the show. They said they had a great time, the whole production was great!