Tuesday, October 30, 2007

David Sedaris Event PHOTOS

Above, myself and Station Manager (AKA one of my bosses) Roger Johnson. NOTE: David Sedaris asked for no photos to be taken. So I took photos of some guests!

It was a blast! David is so funny and...yes, said many things you can't say on public radio. I heard someone say, "He has a rather blue sense of humor doesn't he?"

It was great to see you there! And special thanks for coming and paying for the tickets...and being a member and also giving us a little extra. We raised a couple grand after the show and that really REALLY helps!

We got this message from a guest:
“I kept intending to send you a check and kept not having enough extra money to do it. My credit card balance is now low enough that I feel comfortable adding to it, so here you are. Your pledge drive at the David Sedaris show pushed me into sending now instead of later. The fact that it would only have taken 35 from each attendant to reach your goal really made me think, every dollar really does count!”

While I was checking out I saw David head across the street to the cafe there. I almost yelled, "Is that David Sedaris! OMG!" but decided to be mature and leave the hilarious man alone.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Marketplace Called Me

Guess what? Maretplace down in L.A. called me to talk about my trash challenge! It was a fun interview and they might, MIGHT (squeel!) use our talk in November! I made Tess laugh. I hope I was compelling enough for them! :)

My next challenge...water. Any thoughts or ideas? I was pretty busy with our pledge drive (which you probably know by now that we didn't make the goal) and so have not put any real thought into the water challenge.

Speaking of not making the goal - please pledge a few buck or more online to pay for our/your shows! PLEDGE HERE

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

No Trash Man!

Darlings! I have two words for you. Pledge Drive.
The staff is busy prepping...we're pumped to GIVE YOU THE OPPORTUNITY to support what you love and listen to everyday! And so, no photo of my last trash bag.

And no blog about those Nike Native N-7 shoes. Our favorite Ashley is from the Colville tribe...and I wanted to write about our conversation. Perhaps later? Let me just quote her. "So I'm not weird!"

And I wanted to gossip about Gillian Coldsnow and her fabulous new coat. Robin and her fabulous new speed chair (broken foot) which I take any opportunity to hop in and drive.