Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Built From Trash

I have been thinking about reusing - how to look at something and reuse for another thing. For example. How can you look at an old bicycle and think lawn furniture? Brilliant!

Well I got to thinking about houses. Are there homes out that reused other things? Then I found this site. Two grandmas making a house out of junk!
Built From Trash

I then found this home on Colorado. All recycled materials.

Read about it here

Do you know of other homes in the area like this?

Monday, April 21, 2008

I Don't Need More Stuff! Why Is the Mall Closed?

Over the weekend I saw the John Butler Trio at the Big Easy in Spokane. They. Were. Amazing. It is such a pleasure to listen to talented musicians who have humility and genuine love for their art and fans. Check out the video. My favorite part: Life's Not About What's Better Than!

I think this song is a theme for what NPR has been covering; The environment. How much do we need to consume? What about our food? I had no idea that beef used up so many resources. Pork is better? Really? Listen to this interview that was on Day to Day.

I know. If we really thought about all our choices and life - respiration would be un-green. I heard someone on the radio say, "Why should we consume less? Live more green if India and China won't think about it too?" What do you think?

After a great weekend, hearing this lovely concert, not buying anything at the clearance section of Macy's...I found myself aimlessly wandering Ross. I had an arm full of stuff. Nothing important to mention. I put it away. The mall closed. I walked out into the parking lot and thought...why do businesses close at 5pm on Sundays!? So I went to Walmart and aimlessly wandered the isles. I bought pupperoni for my dog.

I drove home and thought to myself... It is easier to buy and consume than to create. I had to get a consumer hit.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

9 Year Old Crosses the Street! Gasp!

I was glued to the radio today. Talk of the Nation had Lenore Skenazy...Read Article... as a guest. She let her 9 year old son take the subway home. In New York. By himself. With no cell phone, and the possibility that he would have to ask a stranger for help.

At first, I was taken aback. In New York? The kid could have been (insert nightmare here) and how would the mother have felt then?

Well. Of coarse Lenore would have felt horrified. Silly question. What we really want to say is...I don't think you are a good parent because you are putting your son in danger.

Danger? Lenore gives various stats on the crimes and random acts of violence in N.Y. Seems times are like the 60s now. Apparently, letting your kid out doors in N.Y. is similar to letting them out in Boise.

I remember fondly riding my bike all over Base Housing on McChord AFB. I would be gone for hours discovering new places. I remember discovering two horses that lived behind the Base Housing fence. I fed them grass and touched their noses. I remember finding out where all my classmates lived. Sarah Love and Michelle were neighbors! No wonder they were best friends! I remember finding new playgrounds and realizing my block playground was the best. It had the best acorn trees, that's what we called oaks. I had a watch and knew what time I had to be home.

I had a sense of freedom. I was able to exercise skills my teachers and parents had been teaching me. I had some independence and it was exhilarating!

When I was 9 my mother started to worry about strangers abducting me. I wasn't allowed to go outside as much. When I was 12 I begged my mother to let me walk the 3 blocks to the Feed Store. I wanted some penny candy. She said no. It was too dangerous because the store was next to a busy road.

Luckily, my father convinced her otherwise and I had that wonderful feeling of independence again! And I hate to admit this, but I had that same sense of independence and freedom when I bought my own bar of Irish Spring soap in college. Yup. I was pretty protected. I won't go into being grounded my senior year for 3 months, or having a 10pm curfew, or never being allowed to go to a sleep over...I'm not bitter. (Dad was working abroad)

I don't have children yet and know ideas and feelings change when you do. But I would love for my kids to have that wonderful feeling of independence. I know it will depend on the kid, his maturity and ability...but I think kids are smarter and safer then we think...or rather, allow them to be.

My friend, Mr. Davies, said when he was 9 years old he was running his Dad's grocery store. By 12 he was working the books. Of coarse, that was back in the 1930s. Do we make 9 year olds like that anymore?

I am very curious to hear your stories and thoughts. Read the article and let's discuss! But one thing. Please don't tell me, "You'll see" or "You'll find out when..." That right belongs to my Mother.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Super Thursday Pictures Last Hour

Talking strategy with the producer and then....

getting on the air to tell you that....

My partner, Rita Brown, is hinting at....that.....(wait for it...)

You DID it! (playing Earth, Wind Fire's You're a Superstar) We hit the goal of 2200 pledges! In fact, MORE came in as we were speaking. About $266,000 in ONE DAY! Super Thursday is a success!

The volunteers in the studio go wild! We also had volunteers in the Murrow Addition building still taking pledges.

Thank you to all who contributed. Big thanks if you mail in your contribution prior to the drive because we really do rely on that annual gift. Thank you if you became a new member with us because we need to have you on board. And thank you for renewing your membership because it is with your support we can air the great shows you enjoy!

Go Team!

PS here is a little Pre-Super Thursday Super Friends encouragement.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Autism, Vaccines and Jenny McCarthy?

I read this article on and did a quick search for other sites. I am interested in this article for many reasons.
1. Sometimes we just settle for what professionals tells us to. Maybe we should challenge some more?
2. Food is very important.
3. Don't Panic (where's my towel?)
4. Big Pharma is very powerful. Ever wonder why we make money off of bad health?

What struck me the most was the number of vaccines babies take now. According to Jenny McCarthy, and yes I realize the source, in the 1980's we took 10 vaccines by age 5. Now, 32 vaccines by age 2. WHOA!

Tell me what you think?