Thursday, July 31, 2008

Biking to Work

It seems we are all driving a little less nowanddays. A recent report says we are driving 40 BILLION fewer miles now. Are others biking? Or are we walking more? Hear the report: Less Driving, Bumpy Roads
I am thinking a lot more about my transportation. Which is why I decided to bike to work at least twice a week. I haven't been that successful though. New habits take time and well...biking takes time. Personally, life has been telling me to slow down so this may be a good thing to do. I budget an hour to ride to work.

Here is my ride. A nice black Trek bike. I know it is somewhat special because some dudes have said, "Nice bike!" and I paid $500 for it. It was part consumer therapy.

In a recent report on Northwest Public Radio we learned that Washington has one of the highest skin cancer rates in the nation! I was surprised and decided to reduce my risk by preparing myself for biking in the sun! Hear the report: EPA Warns Residents to Protect Themselves from Sun

And I need tunes.

I find I can ride faster with the beats of Janet Jackson, Queens of the Stone Age, Muse, Kanye West, Fergie. I cool down with Micheal McDonald. I am very serious.

8 miles to go. Tunes on. Gear on...I do wear the padded shorts. I find these VERY comfortable! My father took up biking and refers to the shorts as Kotex Pants. He loves them.

I pass some buildings that you don't get to see when you drive. That's the cool part about biking. You see different things. Below is an old split pea factory? They are dismantling it and it seems to me they are recycling the wood!

5 more miles to go!

I watch some cars drive by on the highway. I am totally getting better gas mileage!

Riding is very pleasant. You are multi-tasking! Exercise and getting where you need to go!

Here we are! Pullman, Washington where Northwest Public Radio is!

Check this out! It makes me feel good to know that I saved a little money today and gave my body some exercise.

Isn't it interesting that a few dollars a gallon can create change? 40 Billion miles less driving, more people thinking about their transportation...What have you changed about your habits?

I made it! And a little early because of a tail wind! I usually carry a bag on bike that has my lunch and a nice change of clothes. While I look sporty in my Kotex Bike Shorts...I don't want my co-workers to sing Milli Vanilli to me!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Experiment: Driving Less; Dog Whisperer

First, I have to apologize to you if you were anxiously waiting for me to dig through the grocery store garbage. I have given myself permission to...not do it. I may have disappointed you, but to be my authentic self I must let this go. However, I did do a stake out at the local Bag-Yo-Self store. While there and trying to strategies my attack, I saw a young couple in an old Buick drive right up to the dumpster and scan it! So I have decided to let them have it.

To go along with NPR stories and my experimental themes I have decided to DRIVE LESS!Which means I may be shopping less :( , exercising more :) , saving on gas money and may even feel a slight superiority gained from this sacrifice. I ride my bike TOMORROW!

Above: Photo of my Jr. High years bike. Rode up some big hills on this baby! But my favorite bike was my elementary school bike...a pink Huffy with a huge seat. I think it was a Thunderpuff? Or that may have been my nickname for her. We did a lotta pop-a-wheelies and rear skids! I would LOVE to see that bike again.

Today's Bike... a TREK Bike like the one below. Apparently, a very good bike. I'll share the history of how we met later.

FYI: Gillian Coldsnow is SERIOUSLY considering a motorcycle or super scooter purchase!

About the Dog Whisperer:

I have a new family member named Belle. She is a beautiful, brown eyed black lab border collie mix. She is a big girl compared to my Shih Tzu, Mochi. Belle is an alpha female. Apparently, I am her roommate. Well...that's all about to change! I'm the alpha female now BEEOOUCH! (said with loves and coos and pets and high pitched voice baby talk) Gillian Coldsnow loaned me the Dog Whisperer book, I have the first season DVD AND Robin Rilette is my consultant.

Let's get started!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Time For Some Campaignin!

Obama and McCain Want Me! Even with a mustache. :(

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dating at Any Speed

I heard Morning Edition's story on Green Speed Dating and had a few thoughts.
1. Driving an SUV to Green Speed Dating? Really bad.
2. Isn't finding a partner/love hard enough? Now they have to come with green habits intact?
3. My Speed Dating experience.

It goes without saying that driving an enormous SUV to a Green Speed Dating event is not gonna get you points. Even if you hop out of the vehicle with organic cotton clothes, hemp sandals and your own metal water bottle. That would just be confusing. But this did make me wonder... would it be appealing to a majority of females if the man had no car? One of the guys in the story rents a car when he needs one. Otherwise, he rides his bike. My first thought is: Guy is cheap. No car, no money, no security for me, no go. But he is practicing his ideals.

And ideals and values is what it is all about. Does his lifestyle reflect the ideals and values that you have or want? What is on your top ten list of "Characteristics I Want in a Partner?" (If they have 7 or more they're a keeper!)

I think that becoming "Green" can be taught. That a person can become aware of new habits to help the environment. That people should not be overlooked just because their environmental footprint is bigger than yours. My Mother would say you can "train" them. (shudder) I say you can show them a different way.

I hosted a speed dating event in my little town. There were 12-14 men and women in attendance. I had never hosted one of these before, so I was unsure what type of people would show up.

They were attractive, had secure jobs, and friendly! They all just wanted to get out there in a town that caters to college students. These folks were in the 30s-late 40s and just wanted to find companionship. I discovered that the women who came to the event dressed nicely, smiled and were RELAXED did very well. The successful men had nice watches (symbol?) cleaned up and asked their mini dates questions about themselves. The two most successful people were of average American size. The woman was a size 10-14 and the man was an average Joe body type. This confirmed in me that self worth, self esteem and taking care of yourself is more important than abs and hourglass shapes. I have to add that taking care of yourself does not mean you workout 5 days a week. It means you CARE about how you look and work with what you got.

The one person who had no takers was unpleasant. She looked like she rolled out of bed, was very pushy and angry - I heard her declare her recent divorce to most of her mini dates...I don't think she was really ready for dating of any speed...even bicycle speed.