Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

Woman Refuses C-Section, Loses Parental Rights

Salon's Broadsheet: Woman Refuses C-Section, Loses Parental Rights

This is a very complicated and confusing story. See if you end up with the same message I did.

That, yes, the court did use the fact that she refused a c-section as the reason for child abuse. Then in appeal they retracted and condemed the first court's use of the c-section... but the court upheld the ruling using her mental condition prior to the birth as the reason for potential harm to the child. The court also used the fact that she, nor her baby daddy, went to court and did not answer phone calls from CPS as proof they are unfit parents... even if they have actually never had the child to parent.

Confused? Me too. I would really like NPR to do a follow up to this.