Monday, January 04, 2010

Making Kimchi with Sueann Ramella

My mother says not to add soy sauce. But I have read many store brands and they do. Personally, I like kimchi with the little tiny shrimp to speed up the rotting process. But I developed a slight allergy to the little guys. So Fish Sauce is in my recipe and I highly recommend going heavy on the garlic!


Saturday, August 08, 2009

Behind the Mic with Sueann Ramella

Here's a little audio slideshow that was created for our e newsletter, Connect. You can subscribe for free at !

I hope you enjoy this! Turn on the speakers and the captions!

Sueann Ramella Behind the Mic

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

Woman Refuses C-Section, Loses Parental Rights

Salon's Broadsheet: Woman Refuses C-Section, Loses Parental Rights

This is a very complicated and confusing story. See if you end up with the same message I did.

That, yes, the court did use the fact that she refused a c-section as the reason for child abuse. Then in appeal they retracted and condemed the first court's use of the c-section... but the court upheld the ruling using her mental condition prior to the birth as the reason for potential harm to the child. The court also used the fact that she, nor her baby daddy, went to court and did not answer phone calls from CPS as proof they are unfit parents... even if they have actually never had the child to parent.

Confused? Me too. I would really like NPR to do a follow up to this.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spokane Bans Phosphate Soap

I learned that Spokane is the first city to ban phosphate soaps! Phosphates in water increase plant growth - which sounds nice - but in fact, these plants grow so much they can choke bodies of water. When the plants die off they do so en mass and the normal decomposition process in water is overwhelmed. Think of this like a factory that increases it's production of widgets, sends them down the line but only one worker is boxing widgets up. The worker is overwhelmed. (Are you recalling I Love Lucy's Chocolate Factory epsiode too?)

But many of our favorite soaps we have grown up with have phosphates in them. So what to do? Some folks are smuggling their soaps from across the border. This makes me wonder if they are shopping for all their groceries across state lines to get their fave soaps. If so, is the ride out to Idaho worth the time and gas?

I have been a huge fan of Method soap. Good smell, cute bottles, lots of soapy feeling and suds. Give it a try. Sure it is a little more then 99 cents but sometimes we have to pay more for what we really want. And what we really want is clean water. You can find Method in most grocery stores and at Target.

Here's an older report: NWPR News Phosphates Banned in Spokane