Friday, June 27, 2008

Even the RICH Dumpster Dive!

Everyone loves a deal and when the deal is...FREE even the wealthiest dumpster dive! Listen to this!
NPR: Town Dump New, Chic Place!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Here are the Dumpster Numbers

Just a quick note to tell you that most of my "department store" dumpster diving treasures have sold on ebay. Craigslists skunked me. So ebay it was and the grand total after shipping costs, ebay costs and paypal costs = $126.88.

Ebay = $126.88
Consigned clothes = $40
Shoes = $10


Now, I still have 2 dressers to fix up, several other pieces of furniture and clothes at area consignment shops that haven't sold yet.

In a nutshell - this takes time. It was all free - but to make $ off it will take time.

I have decided that dumpster diving is like mushroom hunting. You get excited when you come across those morels! Then, if lucky you find a whole lotta morels; you have pounds and pounds of these mushrooms that you love! Then you eat them and get tired of it. Earthy, expensive, tasty morels become boring. So you sell your extras to the coop or chefs and make a few bucks off your hobby. Then you do it all over next season.

Mother Alert:
My Korean mother was over and well...

Mom: (looking around, nose wrinkled...) "Annie, (only mother calls me that) did you CLEAN before Mommy come ober? I mean...serious-uh-ly? It lookie like thurupt store."

Dad: "...."

Me: "Yes I cleaned! couches just look huge in this living room is all."

Mom: (looking at my art work) "Hm." (touches the frame and painting) "Thisuh is fake. Why you likey junk? Did Mommie raise you?"

Me: "Uhm. I am going to make something out of that."

Dad: "....."

Mom: "Annie. No more trash can looking or whatever you doing. Mommie don't likey it."

Me: "Mom. The only dumpster diving thing I have here is...that plant shelf..."

Mom: "I don't like it. Tacky."

Me: "...that painting, these fabulous ugg boots and I sold everything else or gave it away."

Mom: "I have better plant stand Mommie gibbu you. This one (touches it, eyeing it suspiciously because it the trash) is no good."

Me: "Mom. You might want to pace yourself on the criticism. You still have a couple of days to go."

Dad: "hahahaha!"

Mom: (looks at Dad)

Dad: "ha....h....nevermind."

Now, if only I can manipulate her to get that Korean chest and cabinet! Mwhaha ha ha

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Selling What's Thrown Away

Uhm. This has been kind of a pain. Selling things. In fact, I am figuring out that stuff, in general, is a pain. So I have two items I found in the dumpster - CLEAN - mind you, on ebay and one item on Craigslist.

Oops. The Kitchen Aid Blade Set isn't showing up...


I want to see which of these sites is easiest to work with and sell on. Granted, it is not an scientific experiment at all. It is a Suexperiement!

I have made $30 from my dumpster haul. Yeah. I know. $30. But $30 more than I had before right? I sold two pairs of men's shoes and some misc. items at a consignment shop. The furniture hasn't sold at these shops yet. Guess it isn't the season...but come AUGUST I will be loaded! (optimist!)

The other reason I have made so little is because I got lazy. I just threw the treasures into the shop and took a nap. Now, every time I look at the dresser I plan to refinish, the chairs I plan to fix, etc. I take another nap. The weight of stuff is heavy on my back.

I know why we throw it away. We cleanse our environment of clutter and feel good and free of it. Well, until we load ourselves up again with stuff.

And TIME. Stuff takes time to manage, take care of...

With that said. I went dumpster diving again. I found some great women's shoes and jeans. I have an easy answer for these! Off to the consignment shop and to friends.

If I am not going to make a fortune out of dumpster diving - I will at least have saved items from the landfill by donating them to Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. In fact, I do get perks from this in the form of tax far I have racked up $325 in donations!

UPDATE: I am getting skunked on Craigslist. Possibly moving item to ebay. I have several watchers on my items and even some bids! This may be worth the effort after all!