Friday, June 22, 2007

Out for A While, Thinking of You

I am in a cafe, in the West side and contemplating traffic. My mind is busy swirling around thoughts of pollution, SUVs, gas prices, the changing of the weather, the processes of Mother Nature, the life of humans...and why the heck would I want take 167 from Auburn to Puyallup at 5:05pm?? Insanity!

I remember when my hometown was half its size in population. That was in 1996. The South Hill mall was 75% full of merchants at best - we thought for sure the mall would close. But the owners probably did their population growth charts and knew better than we that this area would explode. At least there is still the horse ranch near my parent's place. I used to drive past it everyday on the way to school and think, "How nice of a 'country' lifestyle we live in." LOL. One horse ranch, now surrounded by noisey traffic, a mega highway stretching out above the horse's mane.

I'm thinking of you and how much fun I have with our one way communication. I know sometimes I make you smile, make you go, "What was she thinking?" or "What just happened?" or... she sounds NPRish today. If only we could talk all day about the news, the traffic, the weather together! I'll be back soon. Till then....

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Where Are the Birds? Where Did the Shoreline GO? Why Did She Post a Photo of Mad Max?

I am loving the special reports that ATC is doing on climate change. Tonight, we learned about Fiji and how their shoreline is disapearing. Read/Listen Here Did you want to have some of that Kava drink too? It would be a nice distraction from thinking about the planet and the inevitable changes coming. My friends will tell you that I like end of the world stories and movies. They make my imagination fly. How will I survive, what would life be like? Think Mad Max and Blue Gender - so as I am listening to the story on Fiji I think...oh that is bad. Then I read an article on CNN Common Backyard Birds Becoming Less Common and I feel panic. This isn't a movie to be entertained by. This is all really happening. The CNN article says the reasons the birds are disapearing are: Agriculture, habitat loss, pesticides, invasive species, global warming. What must we do?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Spay and Neuter Please!

I'm doing something I usually can't stand that other people do. So please excuse my hypocrisy...I usually do not like it when people hear half a story and express their opinions on it. But here goes!

California is looking to pass a bill that would require pet owners to spay or neuter their animals.

That's all I heard so far and I say, "VOTE YES!"

I'll post more after I hear the story and actually finish working this show. I'm blogging while on the air! hehehe.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Glad I'm Not A Teen Driver!

Did you hear our local news story about SAFECO's new way to track teen drivers? It cracked me up! Teen Driver Tracking Story Why? Because I was thinking what if they had this when I was a teen driver? My parents would have known that I was really in Seattle hanging out when I told them I was at Rosalie's house in Puyallup! They also would have known that when I broke curfew that September night back in 1995...I was parked two blocks away! What I was doing was normal and not illegal. The marks are still on the road...that's all I'll say. But what if my parents had GPS on my car?! Dad would have walked over and caught me! Wait. That doesn't really matter because I was grounded for like...ever anyway.

The GPS insurance thing is really just proof parents can show their kids that they(kids) were caught. When, let's face it don't need proof to reprimand your kids/teens. Why? Because you say so!

Monday, June 04, 2007

How Was Graduation?

So...did you go to a party? Did you finish your thesis? Did you finish high school? How do you feel? Or, are you a supporter of a grad? How do you feel?

When I graduated from high school I felt like it was just one step toward my future. I thought I would be participating in at least 2 more cause I wanted a PhD. Well, I don't think I want to put in the time and work for a PhD anytime soon!

Here is the story on ATC this evening that made me ponder graduation.High School Graduation