Monday, July 30, 2007

Racism, Football and My Weekend

Did you hear this? I was just...shocked! Beating Charges Split Town Along Racial Lines
I know I shouldn't be so naive but I found myself talking to my Klotz Board asking, "Are we in the 60's?" Then I actually spoke out loud to the reporter..."You gotta be kidding me!?" In this day and age...I guess so.

I found it interesting that despite the clear racial problems at this school - both whites and blacks came together for football. I'm not sure if I think this is super or surreal. They were having an amazing football season, thanks mostly to the black students, so tensions didn't boil over until after the season was over.

Football either brought them together in teamwork or football was a fantastic distraction - doing well made everyone feel good and forget about skin color. Hmmm.

This story made me appreciate my weekend even more. I went to the Moscow Motorcycle Rally...a nice turn out for a first time event. There, in downtown Moscow, are bikers and across the street... a Gay Pride Parade. Ahh Moscow, you are a special place on this planet.

Oh and props to Idaho Star and my instructors who taught me how to ride! Love ya Mark n Gang!


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Truth, White Lies, Yes You Look Fat in That

Do you think you can be radically honest? Can you say to your wife when she asks, "Does this make me look fat?" "Yes Babe. It does you no good?"

I think truth without love is malice...but if I had to choose malice over deception...I choose malice. I guess you could say - I highly value truth. So I was very excited about On Point when they did an interview with Brad Blanton. On Point

Here is Blanton's website. Radical Honestly Try to be a little more honest...but do it with love. You'r not going to do this huh? Just tell me the truth. No. You're not. Thanks for being honest.

OH but something that may help us all be radically honest with ourselves and each other? Less judgement.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Good Show, Say It Ain't So Dad!

Thanks for having me back! So today's show was a bit entertaining to me. First, the latest updates about Iraq.White House Report on Iraqi's Progress Then we lighten it up with some choice kids songs you will like too.Kid's Songs But then...then we have time to catch up on R. Kelly's court proceedings? Yuk! I am not even going to post a link to that story. Which reminds me of something...So while I was home hanging with my folks I learned a terrible thing about my father. Here's the scene:
Me upstairs. Dad in rec room watching TV news. Mom brewing tea in Kitchen.
Dad: "Oh I don't believe this Hon! Hey Honey! Can you believe this?"
Mom: "What is it?"
Dad: "This is ridiculous. That girl needs to get a job. That's her problem!"
Me: (thinking in my head)...OMG. Is he talking about what I think he's talking about?
Mom: "I think so. Too easy life."
Dad: "If they let her go..."
Me: (yelling down the stairs) "Oh My God Dad! Are you REALLY watching a story about Paris Hilton? Please, my love for you depends on the answer!
Dad: "I don't know what you're on about!"
Me: (running down the stairs into the rec room) "Dad. Seriously. This is so upsetting to me! You are watching COURT TV??? Oh Dad! It's Paris Hilton! Aren't there better things to watch? infomercial or something?"
Dad: "Shut up! (said lovingly I assure you) She'd be a pretty girl if she ate something and didn't dress like a hooker."
Me: (rolling eyes) "Dad. You're always complaining that there isn't any real news on. Look what you're doing. You're feeding the beast Dad...Just look at yourself Man! (shaking head and pointing and being dramatic) "MOM! Dad is watching crap tv!"
Mom: "Her friend... what's her name? Nicole Ritchie? She needs to eat too!"