Monday, August 25, 2008

Final Analysis of Dumpster Diving

It is addicting. It is treasure hunting. It can easily become out of control! After 4 months or so of holding onto my treasures from dumpster diving I had a yard sale. Circled in red are items pulled from the dumpster.

And that was just a portion of the items. Remember that I sold a few on ebay and consigned others. I went into this thinking I would save everything from the landfill and ended up with everything in the garage! I never did fix those white chairs with the missing legs. Didn't get around to making a duvet cover out of old jean butts. I never refinished the dresser and instead gave it to a friend. I know she will fix it up because she bought those pretty glass pulls for it! The disco ball is collecting dust in the garage. The broken mirrors have yet to turn into artwork, and the mismatched socks are still waiting to be reborn into dogs.

The cost/benefit analysis says: If you don't have an immediate use for it - or a friend who really REALLY needs it - let it go or recycle it. Just don't store it in your attic or garage. If you bring it into the house, it is harder to get rid of!

Now, if you know you can turn it around and make a little money... Go for it! I knew that I could get something for the table below. I just had to put the legs on the right way! Sold it for $15!

On the other hand, I never did learn to weld so the leg on this outdoor bar stayed bent...and it sat, and sat, and sat until I sold it for $5. Sure, 5 bucks is gas money, but come on? 4 months of looking at it - slowly eating my soul away, and making my place look tacky - was not worth it!

The yard sale was pretty good despite the lack of advertising. Made $160. I would say half of that was actual dumpster diving treasures. If you can have a quicker turn around, this is a great hobby to try out. Otherwise, only take what you really can use or you will have clutter. I did find more pleasure out of giving away dumpster diving finds to friends who really needed them. This next season, I plan to donate most of my finds.

Find out if posting your yard sale signs on telephone polls is legal in your area or not. If you don't know, the Heat may come and visit you. After all, you put the address on the sign! Oops.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Save Gas Drive a Scooter

I saw this: Best Scooters for You at NPR's website and thought you would find it interesting. With everyone thinking about saving gas and energy, scooters seem to be a great idea! Even Gillian Coldsnow, our Morning Edition host, is planning to take motorcycle lessons from Idaho Star. She has shared her enthusiasm for the scooter that looks like a motorcycle.

I like these a lot! But NPR and I suggest you consider the size and power of the scooter. Personally, I am still looking for my motorcycle and know that size and ccs matter!

I was gifted a 1985 Honda Nighthawk 700ccs but it acts like a 1000cc killer street bike. I am afraid of it.

The two times I rode it I felt it say, "Ride me faster you Wuss!" I lugged it in shame. The bike is too much for me and frankly, freaks me out! It was fun at 90 mph (Yes. I know that's bad) on a straight back road until I realized I was S-L-O-W-L-Y slipping off the seat! Came to a stop, tried to park and dropped the bike; New clutch lever on eBay was relatively cheap.

I hope to ride on a smaller, Sueann-friendly, motorcycle soon. Finding the right one will be important. My reasons are to use less gas, and with all conservation efforts there are sacrifices; rain, cold, heat, no radio. But the fun will be worth it! Of coarse, these scooters are really cool too! Especially the type Gillian wants. But it would look funny if I wore my leather gear on scooter! My fashion dictates motorcycle.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Leroy Sievers Has Passed Away: Read Our Interview with Him

I woke up this morning and heard Gillian say that Leroy Siever had passed away. His blog about cancer had helped many survivors and their friends and family try to understand and relate. I had an opportunity to interview Siever. Here is the blog again. Sueann's Interview with Leroy Siever

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Biking Goal and Gas Mileage

Well I made my goal! I rode my bike twice this week and really want to do more! Especially since I got in my Hyundai Tuscon (Gotta support my Mother's homeland) this morning and the E light came on. I thought that was funny. Then I was upset that I would have to buy gas today!

But got over it since the last time I gassed up was a month ago! 300 miles divided by 15 gallon tank = 20 miles to the gallon. A little lower than normal because I had the AC on a lot. 15 gallons times $4.16 = $62 which translates into 12 pints of Coconut Bliss Dark Chocolate ice cream.

Trust me. I can eat it all in a month.

Or a pair of Reeboks! I SO had a pair in 1989! But why buy these when I can find them in a dumpster?

So I saved some money this past month and got great exercise. When I do drive, I keep it at 55-60 mph. It really does help to hypermile. If you didn't read Gillian's blog about it, check it out! And it does help to properly inflate your tires!

Here's an interesting consequence for driving slower! Many drivers are hypermiling and leaving something behind! Don't drink the 'vitamin water' on the side of the road!