Thursday, August 30, 2007

Our Potluck Winners!

Remember our Online Auction back in February? One of the items up for bid was a potluck by Northwest Public Radio staff! Here are our lucky winners!

Connie and Reed Figley drove to Pullman from the Tri Cities to be stuffed with food!

I met that in the Bookie parking lot and was expecting a nice, old Lincoln to pull up. Perhaps even a Subaru. Well, I was very excited to see a 1988 Lotus!

The staff had a great time playing around their car. I almost wonder if we should have bid on this event ourselves!

Robin Rilette above - looks great in a Lotus!

Above: Left to Right - Robin Rilette, Mary Hawkins, Sueann Ramella, Gillian Coldsnow, Reed and Connie Figley, Thom Kokenge and Tom Hungate

Lunch was full of great dishes - as always. Gillian baked delicious homemade pigs in a blanket. When she said the name in French it sounded even more fabulous! Robin Rilette made her devilish deviled eggs. Thom Kokenge whip us up some croquettes and I made stuffed peppers. Other highlight dishes: goat cheese spinach squares, amazing brownies, pineapple upside down cake, delicious salads, chicken, shrimp rice dish, etc. It was...FILLING!

We chatted with Connie and Reed about how they met (work), what they like about public radio (news, weekend shows, ALL OF IT!), how they got into Lotus and car collecting, and about their awesome dogs.

A fine afternoon with friends we have always talked to, but never met. That's radio.

Gillian Coldsnow (whom I lovingly call 'G') and myself...she calls me "Missy."

Monday, August 27, 2007

War Is In All Of Us

Paul Watson gave me pause today. He is a Canadian journalist who won the 1994 Pulitzer Prize for his photograph of a dead American soldier being dragged through the streets of Mogadishu in Somalia. Terry Gross interviewed him on Fresh Air.

This type of interview is public radio to me; deep, difficult, and sometimes raw.

When Watson took the photo he mouthed, “I’m Sorry,” to the other soldiers. The tone of his voice and the way he described the situation made me feel like I was there. It hurt.

When he described innocent people surrounding him, protecting him from a vicious mob, I could see it.

When he said, “I know where war lives. It lives inside all of us.” I believe it.

His memoir, Where War Lives, will be on my list.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! Climate Changes So Does Sueann

I wanted to make this entry incredibly entertaining. Full of funny phrases, jokes and insight into Sueann's world. But...not today. Instead. You get straight up, plain Sueann blogpost.
What I want to tell you:
1. I am not shopping at Walmart as much as I used to.
2. I am using tote bags when I go shopping
3. I feel a need to buy environmentally friendly dish soap
4. I want a motorcycle bad.
5. I got rid of 2/3s of my belongings in a yard sale...including my precious Martha Stewart magazine library.
6. I'm eating better, feel healthier and buy from the Coop

Why I did this:
Because I have been influenced to change by...
1.NPR's Climate Connection Series
2. Laura Hartner, co-worker/friend, and her environmental-pals
3. The feeling of getting rid of things you don't need - Freedom
4. Necessity - moving to a smaller, more economical place
5. Realized I vote with my money
6. Realized I can afford to eat healthy, organic, humane foods when I'm not buying things I don't need.

There are a few other shows and stories that influenced me as well. I'll share those soon....and some Nine Inch Nails lyrics.