Friday, May 02, 2008

What Are You Doing Tonight Sueann? Dumpster Diving.

Your Friendly, Local, All Things Considered Host here...soon to be in your dumpster. Come Monday I will tell you all about my Dumpster Diving experience! Will I find food AND eat it? Will I find anything good? Will I get an infection? Touch something questionable and gooey? How far will I go to bring you this story and share the experience? My digital camera and camcorder will tell...just don't tell my Mother.

1 comment:

corey g. said...

Wow, SueAnn! You take Going Green to whole other levels!! You put me to shame with my meager recycling.

I'm intrigued. I'll need to research this Dumpster Diving!!

Keep up the great work on the radio!