Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Warning About Dumpster Diving

Technically it is theft. Theoretically, no one cares. But if someone does and calls the Police you can get a ticket (depending on your town's laws). Now, if you are DUMPING you get a Theft of Services ticket.

I learned this the other day.

No. I didn't get ticketed but a co-worker read in the paper that someone did.

Personally, my diving hunting has slowed down. I took a good look at all the stuff I have accumulated and realized why people throw it out! So I am focusing on fixing things up and selling or donating things off. I just got WIFI at home so ebay, craigslist here I come!

Here is a photo from a fellow Treasure Diver. All items were found in or next to a dumpster. This lucky college student is now fully prepared to study hard! What a lovely desk and they were going to throw it out!


Lannae said...

I did not know dumpster diving is illegal. In Phila, when I lived there, people purposely set aside good items from the trash in hopes that other people would take them. It was great to walk around the streets to see what I could use.

Buckboard said...

I found this cool washing machine/toilet combo. Yeah you read that right.

Anonymous said...

It's only theft of service if you leave something there. Garbage is per se abandoned property.

Anonymous said...

That is a nice desk.