Monday, April 21, 2008

I Don't Need More Stuff! Why Is the Mall Closed?

Over the weekend I saw the John Butler Trio at the Big Easy in Spokane. They. Were. Amazing. It is such a pleasure to listen to talented musicians who have humility and genuine love for their art and fans. Check out the video. My favorite part: Life's Not About What's Better Than!

I think this song is a theme for what NPR has been covering; The environment. How much do we need to consume? What about our food? I had no idea that beef used up so many resources. Pork is better? Really? Listen to this interview that was on Day to Day.

I know. If we really thought about all our choices and life - respiration would be un-green. I heard someone on the radio say, "Why should we consume less? Live more green if India and China won't think about it too?" What do you think?

After a great weekend, hearing this lovely concert, not buying anything at the clearance section of Macy's...I found myself aimlessly wandering Ross. I had an arm full of stuff. Nothing important to mention. I put it away. The mall closed. I walked out into the parking lot and thought...why do businesses close at 5pm on Sundays!? So I went to Walmart and aimlessly wandered the isles. I bought pupperoni for my dog.

I drove home and thought to myself... It is easier to buy and consume than to create. I had to get a consumer hit.

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