Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Autism, Vaccines and Jenny McCarthy?

I read this article on and did a quick search for other sites. I am interested in this article for many reasons.
1. Sometimes we just settle for what professionals tells us to. Maybe we should challenge some more?
2. Food is very important.
3. Don't Panic (where's my towel?)
4. Big Pharma is very powerful. Ever wonder why we make money off of bad health?

What struck me the most was the number of vaccines babies take now. According to Jenny McCarthy, and yes I realize the source, in the 1980's we took 10 vaccines by age 5. Now, 32 vaccines by age 2. WHOA!

Tell me what you think?


Williams, Pharm.D. said...


I saw your site and thought the dumpster diving was interesting and very resourceful. I was just reading about the Jenny Mccarthy story and it is very sad for what she is going through. However, I am a recently graduated Pharmacist (Pharm.D.) and I want to comment that I don't know who is giving their children 32 vaccines by the age of 2, but that is far too many. Anyone can go to the CDC website and see the recommended vaccination schedule for children - HepB series (3), DTaP (4), Hib (2), Hep A (2) in children under 2. As you can see that is 11, which may sound like a lot, but there are many combination products available and vaccinations such as HepB can always be given later in life (I did not get mine until I entered medical school). Vaccinations prevent serious diseases, which is hard for us to understand today how many lives they save because we don't see these diseases like we use to (in the pre-vaccine days). I think this is important to clarify that there are not 32 vaccines given to anyone by age 2. Yes, autism is terrible, but so is children dying of tetanus and rubella.

Anonymous said...

There are many GOOD ways to infrom people and bring attention to autism.

Midnight In Chicago does it with their Autism Spectrum Podcasts at where people can hear the "Autism and Vaccines: Parts I & II" podcasts.

The podcasts quote sources which may be much more accurate than Ms. McCarthy's opinion.

MIC also has the "Countdown to Midnight" CD that sends proceeds to reputable autism charities.

Spread the word. It is important we get the FACTS out on autism.