Friday, January 29, 2010

How To Have a Great Wedding on a Budget

I made my own birdcage wedding veil! Cost was under $10 and I have plenty of fabric left to make a wedding collar for my dog and perhaps boutonnieres for the groomsman! I am also considering making fabric flowers instead of paper ones because I am really liking yo yos! I love these old fashion fabric circles!

What I did here was make a yo you out of sheer fabric that matches my dress, then sew on a cheap bling button in the middle. I then sewed feathers to the yo yo. Then I sewed this onto a hair comb. The veil is a 12 inch netting square I sewed onto another hair comb and tweaked the style until it fit right. Easy and cheap! Most of these veils go for $60 on Etsy or weddig boutiques.

I found this cute video on suggestions for how to have a great wedding on a budget. Enjoy!

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