Monday, January 18, 2010

Hello Potluck Wedding

Oh? Do you feel this is in poor taste? That it is cheap and a burden on family and friends? Well darlings, what the heck did we do before catering and bloated wedding budgets? I have images of pioneer folk gathering in town square to celebrate the wedding of a young couple... braining food and sharing in the party. Now, before you get your hackles up we are going to ask a handful of special friends to do this for us in lieu of gift. Their dish is a gift to us and everyone invited! We are providing the main dish and alcohol. How does that sound?


Nikki said...

I think a lot of our parents (at least mine, and my in-laws) had cake and punch after the service at the church, or where ever they got married. No meal, no alcohol, etc. And the invite list was only about 50 people. My mom and MIL also sewed all of the brides maids dresses. I think my MIL MADE her own dress! That will cut the expense quickly!

Anonymous said...

I think a potluck wedding is a great idea! I also hate the idea of huge expensive weddings. There are so many better ways to spend that hard earned money, like retirement. Besides in makes people feel more like they were part of the wedding instead of "just being there". (Not that "just being there" is a bad thing.)
Maybe you could catagorize what people bring so that you don't have tons of spinach dips and veggie trays and no Crazy Cake! That cake was really good, BTW!

Hope all goes well!